DFW Airport

focusEGD has a long history with D/FW International Airport working on projects aimed to transform the visitor and DFW resident experience and access to travel. focusEGD has worked on each terminal at the airport including the airport hotels during the course of our work.

D/FW International Airport Terminal D

Management of sign programs development and coordination of site, roadway and interior programs.

D/FW International Airport Terminal E Renovation

Assessment of signage and wayfinding throughout the terminal as preparation was made for major renovation.

D/FW International Airport Headquarters and Garage

Signage and graphics for the new 150,000 sq. ft. headquarters facility featured in the new Southgate Plaza. Unique textures and feature walls accent the corporate facility.

D/FW International Airport Concession Kiosks

3-sided information/map kiosks located at various points throughout all terminals.

D/FW International Airport Skylink Improvement Program

Wayfinding and signage enhancements to the 5 terminal/20 access locations to the airport’s on site secure public transit system.

D/FW International Airport Terminal A, B, C, and E, Renovation, Signage Assessment and Planning

Survey and assessment of existing sign elements at the terminals with the goal of identifying sign revisions to follow architectural revisions; preparation of pricing documents for budget preparation. Areas included the terminals, ring roads and parking garages.

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