Capital Health – Hopewell Medical Center

How important is collaboration? It is vital to the success of minute details in a project. Signage is one of those details that requires tedious attention but has universal influence on a project’s success. At Capital Health, signage planning and design began early on in the process with the goal of full wayfinding integration with this 932,000 sq. ft. facility. Working with Anchor Health Properties and Array Healthcare Facilities Solutions, focusEGD led Capital Health through the detailed process of planning sophisticated way finding and signage design for this advanced healthcare and medical office building use. Effective meetings and close coordination with the architects and interior designers assured a well coordinated, aesthetically beautiful program of signs that agree with the hospitality vision. 

In addition to way finding and general signage, focusEGD completed the details of signage with the planning and implementation of area and room donor signage, and the art signage program combining art recognition with art donor recognition. Both programs compliment the base program, with materials and colors that clearly constitute an extension and compliment to the base program.

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