Marlon Coleman


A large part of experiential graphic design involves the communication of element locations in the context of the architecture and of accompanying message schedules listing the nomenclature and text for every sign. Marlon has over 20 years experience in the production of location plans and message schedules in multiple formats that communicate to clients and vendors the scope and breadth of the project. His ability to organize and produce a single plan or a complex plan set for millions of square feet makes him an asset to any size project. He works closely with the wayfinding planners, system designers, and production managers to research, plan and program many types of projects and to document, in detail, the numerous sign types required.
Marlon is expert in producing plans in Adobe Illustrator for Mac based projects, and CAD and Revit on the PC platform.

Professional Member,
Society for Experiential Graphic Design


Associate of Applied Arts, Visual
The Art Institute of Dallas